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One week vacation!


Iroh gave a sarcastic laugh and shook his head, splashing her back. “It’s not down, I just figured I should give you a few cheap shots.” He said with a grin, swimming around her and splashing her again after ducking an attack from her. 

“Besides, I don’t think it would be right to not be playful with my beautiful girlfriend while my parents are watching.” He said a little less playfully. “Last thing I need is for them to think we’re not compatible.” 

Letting him splash her, Asami spit out some of the water. Her right eyebrow raised at him curiously as her mouth went into the shape of an ‘o’

"Oh? You thought we couldn’t be compatible unless you have me a cheep shot.~" She pursed her lips out into a small faked pout. "I feel so discouraged.~"Asami looked up with a small sassy smirk as she said this in a more high classed tone. 

Going back to her normal ways, she then stated out. —“Please, if anything I think we’d look more like love struck teasing children more then incompatible.” Or so that’s what she thought.

"I mean look, your parents aren’t even looking at us. If anything their—…"She glanced at his parents then giggled. "Oh lala, I didn’t know your mom liked kissing like that." She stated, waiting for him to just turn around an look at them. Even though they weren’t doing such.

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One week vacation!


Iroh watched her curiously and grinned when she jumped into the water. The salt wasn’t going to work well with her hair and he knew she’d be complaining all night about it more than likely. He shook his head and set his book down, marking the page he was on and then getting up and brushing off his trunks. 

He walked over to where she was and slowly walked into the cool water, making sure to heat it a little as he went. 

He swam over to her and wrapped his arms around her with a grin. “I’ll have you know that I’ve never chased women.” 

As soon as he wrapped his arms around her, a small blush slipped to her cheeks. His warm strong arms were around her, but in the end Asami gave a small sassed smirk as she commented to his last statement. “You just came after me— So I guess that was a first at chasing a woman.”

Chuckling, The woman then glanced back into his amber waves with her emeralds. This was just going to be fun.  

"Iroh— You know— you might want to pat down your trunks when you get into the water— It causes some— Unnessary bubbles in places." And with that comment, she pulled out of his arms, waiting for him to look down. Once he did she quickly splashed him playfully with water. 

"Ha! Got you.~ My my your guard seems more down on vacation.~" 

(Source: satoprincess)

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